Variable in python enviornment to Channel value


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Is there any good way to get a value from a variable from a python environment into a channel/variable value in DAQFactory?

I am currently using an instrument that will only let me easily read its outputs with python.

My current idea is to have a python script that reads the output from the instrument, and then writes it to a file. Then I would use DAQFactory to read the file in as the channel value.

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V channels are largely deprecated, so I wouldn't recommend them.  They are left over from when we didn't have variables (like 18 years ago!), but so many people seem to use them that we can't really get rid of them.  I think people like it because you can see the contents in a table?  Other than this, and the fact that assignment to a V channel does the equivalent of AddValue() on a variable, a V channel is basically the same as a global variable.  A channel, however, has added features such as persist, conversions, and other things.  If you are getting an input value from the python script that is basically an I/O point, I would use a Channel.  

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