Finding max values across multiple channels


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How can I combine multiple channels to be the max at each time point?  For instance, let's say I have three channels as per below.

Temp1[0,3] = {5, 12, 43, 2}

Temp2[0,3] = {7, 9, 6, 8}

Temp3[0,3] = {8, 7, 7, 8}

I want to know the max value at each time I want the below resulting array...

maxTemp = {8, 12, 43, 8}

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You'd have to combine that into a single array, then do maxcols() on it:

private arr = temp1[0,3]
arr[][1] = temp2[0,3]
arr[][2] = temp3[0,3]
private maxTemp = maxcols(arr)

So, the max() function takes the maximum across the first (rows) dimension and is always the one with time associated.  It is the most common form since most arrays are only 1 dimensional.  MaxCols() takes the maximum across the second (column) dimension.  We build up arr as an array with 4 rows and 3 columns, one column for each channel.  By doing maxCols() we are saying we want the maximum for each row (in time), across all columns.

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