Application crash errors 1000, 1001 (event viewer)


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Hi All,

I hoping that one of you knowledgeable people will be able to assist with point me in the direction of why DAQFactory.exe Randomly crashes

We have two identically setup Panel PC's running windows 10, (no internet) running a HMI application,

Currently we have an issue with windows 10 crashing, (freezes) then eventually does a reboot then hangs again.

if we manually power down and reboot it will continue through its start up sequence entering the HMI application

looking at the Windows 10 Event viewer only shows errors 1000 and 1001 all referring to the DAQfactory application as the cause please see attached images






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First, you should consider updating to 19.1 so you are running the latest. 

Second, I see at least one, probably two applications starting up in the background that are probably not necessary.  You want to keep Windows as clean as possible if you are running 24x7.  Check your Services as well for things you don't need.

Third, does you panel have a watchdog?  If DAQFactory crashes it shouldn't trigger a reboot unless there is a hardware issue.  If a reboot doesn't fix it, but a power restart does, then the issue is probably not DAQFactory, but a hardware issue, possibly with the hardware you are accessing from DAQFactory.  If you are using USB hardware, including a USB to serial converter, then I'm even more confident that that is the culprit.

Otherwise, please post your .ctl document or email it to us so we can see what else you might have going on.

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