Daqfactory not reading labjack when LJControlPanel and LJLogUD

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I have been using a labjack U3 for a little while now and I've never had any issues with it, but we recently wired everything up and got it working and it can read and see the labjack fine in LJControlPanel and LJLogUD, however when I try to put it into Daqfactory I get error 1007. I've tried it on multiple computers and got the same problem, there's no damage to the input (as it wouldn't be able to read anywhere).

Is there a way to manually point daqfactory to the labjack input? Or is there some other solution to this problem?

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I'd have to see how you have the U3 configured (ID, serial number) in LJControlPanel, and your .ctl document.  One possibility is that you are using D# 0 (first found) in addition to D# that matches the ID.  This will fail because you end up creating two connections to the same LabJack, which is not supported by the UD driver under USB.  The other possibility is that you configured an IP address for a particular D# and then are trying to use that same D# for the ID of the LabJack.  

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