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I have a question regarding the logging of data to a CSV file. I have a simple program logging Modbus registers using the Channel Table. Whenever I log new data, I end up with a data stub from my previous test. This rogue chunk varies in size but appears at the beginning of my new CSV file. It is quite apparent when I change the XL General Time value to Custom (m/d/yyyy h:mm:ss.000) format. The channel table is free running, so clearing all history is short-lived.

How can I prevent this old data chunk from ending up in my new CSV file?

Thank you,


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Logging sets aren't really designed to be started and stopped for short intervals to different files.  For that you probably want an export set.  But export sets have their own limitations, so I can see why you would stick with a logging set.  Really the only solution I can think of is, at start, to rename the logging set file to a junk file name, run the logging set for 0.1 seconds to dump the excess data, then rename the file to the name you want the new data to go to.

That all said, I've added an request to our list to give you the option to clear that buffer.

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