Printing Alarms to an Dot Matrix Event Printer


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Is it possible in DF to print alarm states to a Dot Matrix Printer (Event Printer) So each alarm event would just print a line on the Dot Matrix Paper? I have had a look on the forum on printing from DF and it seems to suggest writing  to a file and then printing the file. I was wondering if there was a more stream lined way of just printing a single line and then doing the line feed. Would it best to communicate to printer using serial connection and using the NULL protocol? 





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Depends on the printer.  Most normal printers with a Windows driver are going to probably wait for a whole page before printing, however, if you can find a serial printer and thus not have to use a windows print driver, then yes, you should be able to send a line and line feed direct to the printer, one line at a time.  I know there are specialized printers for this, such as product printers, but don't have a source, off-hand for a normal paper printer though I am sure they are available.

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