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I want to change the file name on a daily basis, using the date in the name, very much like example 9.10.6 in the DF User Guide.

Based on the example I created the document as attached. The data is logged into the first file that I manually created in the logging set. At midnight the logging stopped because there was no file created in with the 'correct' name.


The new logging file (with the correct name/date) appears in the Logging set.


But the data file is not saved. You have to do this manually using the 'Browse' and then 'Save' button. Then (I think) you have to stop and start the logging set in order to start the actual logging.

According the example this should run fully automatically, so what is my mistake here?


Klimaat laboratorium Daily Logging with wait until.ctl

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Hmm, which version of DAQFactory are you using?  In newer releases you can use date/time specifiers right in the file name and thus make it log every day.  So, you'd do:


and then just leave it alone.  DAQFactory should then log it with the date stamp, changing it each night at midnight.


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