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I'm using version 19.1 on Windows 10 Enterprise, running it with Administrative rights. I have a problem recently with the daqfactory.exe process not exiting, it just hangs around doing nothing until I manually kill it. I've analyzed the wait chain using Task Manager and sometimes it reports "One or more threads are waiting on network I/O" other times it reports "DAQFactory is running normally". However, I've left it alone overnight and the process never manages to resolve itself, it just stays a zombie. Can I fix this somehow so that DAQFactory cleanly exits? 



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I'm assuming DAQFactory was operating normally up until you quit the application?  If so, then the issue is likely with your application.  Something you are doing, probably in one of the sequences, isn't allowing the thread to quit.  Normally DAQFactory will force quit these threads after 5 seconds, but it is possible that a driver you are using has started its own thread that DAQFactory has no control over and that thread is lingering.  What drivers are you calling from DAQFactory?  Have you tried manually stopping all sequences, or perhaps, going to safe mode, before quitting?

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Yes the application appears to working great so I didn't expect the process to hang. One change I made around the same time it started hanging on exit was to add a ModbusTCP device to the control document (with 1 sec timeout, 5 second query rate). The document already had two serial devices using user-defined protocols and two serial devices using null protocol + dedicated sequences. It had been running without issue for weeks at a time. Adding the Modbus device is the only real change I can recall making. 

I did not think to switch into safe mode before exiting but I will keep that in mind in case I see this again.  


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