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Apologies, I am new to programming and DaqFactory (although I must say I think its great!)

I am trying to get the reading from my Druck PACE1000 barometer via ethernet, but I must admit I am not sure what I am doing. 

I have configured a device with the IP address; however, I am unsure of the port number or the protocol to use. Upon reading the manual for the barometer I believe the protocol is SCPI but it is not listed. Also, the socket port address is 5025? 

I simply just want a channel that will read the atmospheric pressure at the same rate my other channels take data. 

Could you give me some guidance? 

Thanks in advance!



I have attached the manuals from the device. 


PACE Ethernet Communication App Note Rev A (1).pdf K0470 Rev D User Manual.pdf

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Yes, it looks like an SPCI device on port 5025.  The protocol is SPCI.  You can find the commands on the net as it seems missing from the docs you provided.  I'd start with sending the *IDN? command in the comm monitor and make sure you get a response.  You probably will need to type:



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