Invert polarity of serial input


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The actual wiring is wrong?  I'm assuming you are talking 485 which has a +/- and not 232 which has transmit and receive.  If you have transmit and receive backwards you won't get anywhere.  That would be like talking to someone who has their handset backwards and are trying to talk into the speaker.  If the 485 is reversed and it is thinking that on bits are off, and off are on, then, unfortunately, the answer is still no.  For one thing, the bit level serial is handled by the serial hardware and Windows, not DAQFactory.  But in addition to that, serial bits are more than just data.  There is a start bit, a stop bit and sometimes a parity bit as well, and if these are reversed, the whole comms will be messed up.  Unfortunately you really just need to fix the wiring...


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