Finding corresponding value of displacement at the max force


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The max() function will actually return a timestamp of the max point, so:

private forceMax = max(force)

forceMax will be the maximum of force, and getTime(theMax) will have the timestamp for that maximum.  You can then use that timestamp to subset displacement.  You'll need a little buffer since the timestamps might not be identical.  It depends on how you are acquiring the data.  For example:

private dispAtForceMax = (displacement[getTime(forceMax)-0.05, getTime(forceMax)+0.05])[0]

I picked 0.05.  You should probably use about 1/2 the acquisition time, so if your timing is 0.1, you'd use the 0.05 I used.  The extra [0] at the end is just in case you have two datapoints in that time range.

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