Edit box and toggle switch component questions

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OK, first read my post about using edit boxes in HMI's:

That said, simply do page.updateEdits() to have the edit boxes populate with whatever value is currently in the Set Channel specified.  The reason DAQFactory doesn't automatically do this is that it would be very frustrating to the operator if the edit box changed value while they are trying to enter a new value.

As to your second question, I'm not quite sure what you are trying to do.  Can you give me some more detail?


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Fortunately, my needs for the use of edit boxes is to create, edit, and view Time/Temp profiles and save them to a file, a static page.  Profiles are loaded and run from another sequence.  The page.updateEdits() is exactly what I need.  However, it's good to know the limitations of the edit box, I take heed.

I skipped the switch for a button.  I liked the visual of the switch, on and off positions visually moving.  A little background and text changing will do but not as cognitive.

I do have a sequence issue.  Catch you there.



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