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When I group two components, as shown in pic1, I get multiple entries in the expanded tree list of PAGES:Constants:Grp_TmpMax. Also, when selecting the individual components under "Grp_TmpMax", nothing happens. What do I need to know about this?

I have the same row of buttons on the bottom of three pages. Three of these buttons select one of the three pages. I have built this row of buttons on a seperate page and made a group of the eight buttons. I have duplicated the button group and changed the page of the duplicated group for each of the three pages.

Are the duplicates on the different pages seperate instances of the button elements or can I change the original group and the different instances will change accordingly?

I notice that the button groups duplicated on the three pages are not accessable through the respective page component tree. The tree shows the button group but is not expandable.

This also brings into question the proper way to reference the button components.

My backup plan is to ungroup the buttons on each page. Doing this has allowed the quick sequence code to work, pic2. But something odd happens when ungrouping the button bar, the workspace panel goes blank requiring a restart of the program. Is this a glitch or is there something to know here?



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