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1) Are capital letters required, ie. Page.myPage.Component. … or page.myPage.component. .... ?

2) My application will be full screen but it makes it difficult in development mode to see all the screen components. Is there a way to pan around the page window in development mode?

3) In scripting a background color change, ie. Component.myButton.BackColor = FF0000, does not process but Component.myButton.BackColor = RGB(255,0,0) does work.  I prefer the first approach because the format is the same used in the Properties window.

4) Is it possible to do something like this – Component.LG_Temp*.RangeMax = myExp  to replace this:

Component.LG_Temp1.RangeMax = myExp

Component.LG_Temp2.RangeMax = myExp

Component.LG_Temp3.RangeMax = myExp

Component.LG_Temp4.RangeMax = myExp


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1) in general, DAQFactory is not case sensitive.  However, it is case sensitive when you compare strings, so:

private string a = "abc"
private string b = "AbC"
private string c = "abc"

? a == b
? a == c

will print 0 because a and b are not the same, and then print 1 because a and c are.

2) No pan, but in newer releases of DAQFactory you can do Page.scaling = 0.8 (or some other number) to scale the page down to fit.

3) You can do that, but it is reversed and you need to put 0x in front.  So RGB(255,0,0) is the same as 0x0000ff, and RGB(0,0,255) is the same as 0xff0000.  This is just a side effect of universal standards.  The screen wants red as the low order byte, but since we say "RGB", not "BGR" web designers put the red byte first, as in #ff0000.  

4) yes, use the execute function:

for (private i = 1, i < 5, i++)
   execute("component.lg_temp" + i + ".rangeMax = myExp")

Just remember that it is a little slower than typing it out.

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