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Dear all,

I am planning to purchase a DAQFactory Lite license. I understand that 1 license is for 1 PC. However, i might need to run/edit on a different PC/Laptop. Will it be possible and appropriate to remove the license of the previous PC and use the same license key on the other PC since it is still 1 license/PC?

Another scenario, If i put the license on a hardware key, will i be able to run the license in any computer while inserting the USB key?

Thank you in advance for your kind assistance.

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You can move the license after it is installed, but this is really only for occasional moves, such as when a computer needs to be decommissioned.  If you wish to move it often then the hardware key is your best option.  With the license on the hardware key you can move the license to any computer just by moving the USB key.

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