USB Key issues with Windows 11?


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I am wondering if anyone else has been having issues with the USB Key not being recognized in Windows 11.  I recently upgraded my field computer and the license is not being recognized.  To assure that the key is working, I was able to log onto one of my older pc's with it and it worked great...

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You might need to update the hardware key driver.  The hardware keys come from  Unfortunately, I can't give a direct link as it will get stale since they include the version number in the link.  Here is how you get the file from their site:

Go to, then click on Support -> Downloads to get to their downloads page.

Click "Driver and Diagnostic Tools", or simply scroll down to that section

Download the (currently) second file, "CBUSetup" and run it on your system.  You do not want the MSM version as that is for integration into installers.

You may need to reboot after installation.

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