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I what catch when mouse right click and hold on pressed increase a value. 

OnLButtonDown and OnLButtonUp only work when pressed only one time. I can find long way to do it but I what to ask is there any easy way?

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So you want to do, basically, a jog? So a value is, say, incremented 10 times a second while the button is held down?  You probably don't want OnLButtonDown/Up unless you are talking about the event associated with the component.  The trick is that the events need to start and stop a sequence.  So, OnLButtonDown would just have something like:


and OnLButtonUp would have


Then the sequence "incrementMyVar" would be something like:



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Yes I done like that. But when I leave button it takes almost one second to show button on page like unpressed. It is like hanging. It stay like pressed position one second.

I tried to change page refresh time to 0.1 but nothing changed. I closed begin and endseq lines and test it work find.



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