"Nested" concurrent Threads - Functions

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I have a sequence "Sites" that calls a function Site_Poll

the sequence Site determines if a site has to be polled - could be anywhere from 1 to say 20 sites concurrently

if Site n is to be polled it calls sequence  Siten_Poll and it in turn calls sequence Site_Poll and and passes the site n parameters 

Site_Poll then determines if the function Site_Relay has to be called

thus Site1_Poll could call Site1_Relay and say Site5_Poll could call Site5_Relay (Siten_Relay calls Site_Relay and passes site n parameters)

I have used the same logic to call Site_Poll and Site_Relay however I cannot get it to work Site_Relay to work

error message is  C1000 Channel or function not found:  Line 1: Site_Poll Line 104: Site1_Poll Line 1 - Uncaught error in sequence Site1_Poll

Sequence named Site1_Poll only has 1 line of code


is it because Site_relay is effectively nested under Site_Poll?

do I have to pass additional parameters that relate to Site_Relay when I call Site_Poll in the 1st place?



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