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I have 5 manifolds that have fluid running through them and if a clog is detected, then I want to purge just that manifold by triggering a sequence. 

My issue is that I have 5 channels named WaterManifold0, WaterManifold1, etc to WaterManifold4. 

I really just want to be able to say manifold = 0 or Manifold =1 and then add that to "WaterManifold" such that I get "WaterManifold0"

Can I use:

private string WaterManifold = WaterManifold + Manifold 

Then inside the sequence It will turn on just that manifold (WaterManifold because now WaterManifold = WaterManifold4 for example) for the specified time, turn it back off, then start the normal sequence. 


Here is the sequence that it would trigger:

private string WaterManifold = WaterManifold + Manifold



CleanOut = 0
ReCirc = 1
delay (7)





Thank you

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OK.  You are kind of on the right track but have some syntax errors, and you need to use the execute() function.  First you need to build a string with the channel name.  You were close with: 

private string WaterManifold = WaterManifold + Manifold

but the syntax is wrong.  You want:

private string waterManifold = "WaterManifold" + manifold

Then to set whatever manifold it references to 0, you would do:

execute(waterManifold + " = 0")

doing what you did:

waterManifold = 0

would put a "0" in the private string variable waterManifold that you created.

A few other things.  Why are you opening all the other manifolds?  That, presumably will interfere with the main sequence right?  I guess I need to see the rest of your logic.  It seems like maybe you have 5 sequences, one for each manifold.  In that case, you don't need to start another sequence to clear the clog.  You can just call the sequence as a function.  

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