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Guest Steve Roberts

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Guest Steve Roberts

Hopefully the AzeoTech admins can answer this query.

I purchased a LabJack U12 October 2003 from Audon Electronics

with a license for (I believe) DAQFactory-Lite.

This license cost ?89 at that time, with the purchase code DAQFAC-FLJ.

Recently my laptop had a tizzy, requiring a full re-installation

of windows XP and all other software.

I tried to save the license code before having to re-install - it was

one of the few programs still functional!!

Unfortunately I couldn't save to cd or usb hdd as the

program would only save to floppy - which I don't have!!

Is there any way of tracing my license no - as I recall, part

of the license input required registration with AzeoTech.

Many thanks

Steve Roberts

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