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Guest david allen

Array index by time

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Guest david allen

Is there a way to determine the array index of a designated time? i.e. I want the value Min ( MyChannel[0, Var.Ndx]) where Var.Ndx is the array index for the data point nearest 22:05:32.


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You could do this with a little bit of code in a sequence.

Var.i = 0
Var.array_length = NumRows(MyChannel)
while (Var.i < Var.array_length)
   Var.strtimestring = FormatDateTime("%H %M %S", MyChannel.Time[Var.i])
   if (Var.strtimestring == "22 05 32")
	  Var.index = Var.i

This code assumes data was taken once a second, so that a point was recorded on 22:05:32. Really this code would work better if you are reading your data faster than once a second so that you guarantee a point falling inbetween 22:05:32 and 22:05:33. This code also assumes that the array is static and that no new data is coming into the array at the moment.

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