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Richard L

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I am new to U12 and have just learnt the logging set up with Factory Express (FEx).

I would be grateful if anyone could tell me if it is possible to reload the logged data back to the Factory Express graphing facility to be viewed (against time on the x-scale).

If it can't be re-loaded, can it be stored within the program or re-view soon after logging.

Thanks in advance.

Richard Lamb

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With DAQFactory you can reload data from files to view it at a later date. Unfortunately this functionality is beyond the scope of DAQFactory Express. There is a sample on the Azetoech Knowledgebase that shows how to do this, but you would only be able to use this sample with a higher version of DAQFactory. The following will link you to where you can download the sample.


A possible way around this (using Express) is using the Vchannels. You could save each batch of data within the program into Vchannels and then graph the Vchannels as you want to see them.

The best way to do this is by creating a Vchannel (virtual channel) and then in the Event of your regular channel add code like this.

V.MyVChannel = MyChannel[0]

Everytime an new data point is read into MyChannel it will be saved into the Vchannel V.MyVChannel. Of course for every new batch of data you will need to create a new Vchannel and change the code in the channel Event.

One other thing to note is that since you are storing all the data inside the program rather than in separate data files, the size of the program can get large.

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