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    I would like to request if it is possible to do something for Alarming page. A) We need 2 page for Alarms. 1) When the new Alarm is active, it should show only that alarm on the popup. Pressing ACK, should do acknowledgement. 2) The other page should save something like 50 or 100 Alarms in the past. Last Alarm every time on the top. Assume we defined 3 alarms. First is came in the morning, then second alarm. In the evening again the first alarm. In this case, it should not delete the first alarm in the morning. That alarm should be saved in the third row. first and third rows should be the same alarms, but only the times are different. So, we do not write extra alarm counter sequences. Customer should not delete the alarms when they want. If we defined that Alarm history will be 100, then the program automatically deletes the oldest one when it reaches 100 Alarm history. C) Timing on the Alarming should be configurable like D/M/Year, or whatever the people wants. In my country, nobody uses Y/M/D. Now, it shows like 14y,09m,13d 05h56m27, We would like 05:56:27 13/09/2014, and it is shorter and very clear, and more international. In my country, the people who are sitting to control the process don't know the English language, and its hard to explain them. D) Last request for Alarming is Language. It would be good if we translate the Acknowledgement, close etc buttons to the other languages.
  2. Dear Guru, When there is a connection via OPC there is no many choices like to write float or real. When I write without OPC with DF Quickmod SCAN, it is ok. But, via the OPC, how can I convert my setpoint in DF, forexample 50 C to 16968? I have too many tags, so not to confuse I do not want to write with sequence. Is it possible to use some conversion on channel or before setting the channel? Thanks in advance.
  3. I think it is not the problem of USB converter. Once, I had the same problem with Modbus ethernet. Finally, I solved using OPC server. Try to set channels PERSIST 0, then your problem will be solved.
  4. Dear Support, I am using OPC between the PLC and Daq. I have an analog output to control the valve. This channel is a REAL Value in PLC. But I could not convert word to integer in my OPC. So, I think I need to convert it in Daq Scada. How can I convert the normal set to REAL Value? For Example: 20- 16xxx 30-16xxx Thanks in advance, Sadyr
  5. sadyrbek


    when I use systime(), its hard to substract. for example, when I start cronometer 11:58:52 so my recorded hour- 11, minutes- 58, seconds- 52 strtodouble(formatdatetime("%S", systime()))-seconds[0] after 8 seconds, it goes to - 51, -50, -49.......
  6. sadyrbek


    hi, Is there any timer or ready function which i can use for cronometer? I wrote following sequence: global sec global minut global hour sec =0 minut = 0 hour = 0 while(1) sec=sec+1 if (sec>60) sec= 0 minut= minut+1 endif if(minut>60) minut= 0 hour= hour+1 endif delay(0.8) endwhile but here, on the screen it shows 0:0:0 in the beginning. Can I make it 00: 00: 00 format? Or should I write sequence for other zeros? thank you, regards,
  7. sadyrbek

    copy of daqfactory

    nope, they are both of them 5.84 versions. ok, I made one button with quick sequence to delete old remote connection, then makes new connection with the same name, and after the 10-20 seconds it makes one reset to get all channels. so, I solved my problem. but it was pretty good in old version 3-4 years ago. And I have another question also about copy of daqfactory. in the original one, my channels have about 100 history and 4-5 million persist lenght. when I get these channels from original one to the remote copy of Daq, I only get history lenght. but not persist lenght. And, so my graphs have only 100 history. Also I can not make them new history. how can I solve this problem? regards,
  8. sadyrbek

    copy of daqfactory

    hello, I have a problem wıth remote copy of daqfactory. When I made application 3 or 4 years before, I did not had this kind of problems with copy of Daqfactory. the problem is: I make new connection, entering the static IP, it connects. And then I saved it, and entered runtime licence. It works without any problem. But, you close it, and accidentally on the field side, the computer with dacfactory scada is also closed and open. On the field side there is no any problem after that. One day later, engineer on the city wants to see the field side, but no any data. Remote copy of daq, never communicate with field side of original one. I had made reset button for connection. it had still no any connection. But, I entered developement licence and make the new connection with the same IP. it runs without any problem. the old one with the same IP, no any connection, no any data. I think it is a bug of the new Daqfactory. Please, fix it as soon as possible.
  9. sadyrbek


    dear support, I set the mychannel history to 200, and PERSIST 1000000. On the graph, I can see only 200 datas, others are cleared. But, when I use mychannel[1000], I can see that it stored more than 1000 datas to hard disk. How can I use these datas on the graphs? It was recommended on the documentation that decreasind the history and increasing Persist value. regards,
  10. sadyrbek

    Graphs, trends should be update

    Could you please modify Modbus pro grapics for 3-4 channels?
  11. sadyrbek

    Graphs, trends should be update

    Daqfactory would be better if you add this kind of trending.
  12. sadyrbek

    Graphs, trends should be update

    In other scadas(siemens, honeywell, allen bradley scadas) you can just select 5-6 channels and colors to one graph, thats all. for two days I am trying to do a graph like QuickMod Pro but still have problems. I have many projects to use scadas, so I chose Daqfactory because of the low price. until now, I used only two daqfactory to my clients, and turned back to other scadas because of the graphing. before, to each client we could use high price scadas. but when you have many projects to one client of course, you should think economical scadas. When you look the forum of the graph, everybody has the same problems like me. the problems are scaling, tracing and slider to see the trend of the last weeks and pringting does not exist in a simple way. two months ago, I saw the 5.84 edition and Quickmodpro graph. And understand that it was available to do graphs like other scadas and give my decision to use Daqfactory. but, for two days playing and changing sequences of the quickmodpro to understand some codes. regards,
  13. Is it possible to develope Graping, trending, and Alarms in Daqfactory in the next update like other scadas? I could not use Daqfactory in my projects because of these problems. If these parameters will be simple like in other scadas, we would be thankfull. Or, could you please give some more examples about them to the forum. For two days, I am trying to solve QuickModPro graphs. Thank you,
  14. sadyrbek

    4-20mA metering

    hi, I have a water meters, outputs are 4-20mA. And I think, it is easy to see instant consumption. But, how can I show total consumption in Daqfactory? I was using other scadas, and there are some ready blocks to metering. Is it possible to write some codes? I will use 4-20mA to modbus converters or other plc with protocol of modbus. thanks, best regards,
  15. Hi, I have Westermo TD-32B industrialized dial modem which receieves and transfers data through telephone line. Can I use Daqfactory to call this modem and make connection to my devices. If it is possible, could you help me? My device protocol is modbus. I attached manual of the modem. Thank you. TD_32_6178_2203.pdf