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  1. dvalerio

    Set and Read Register

    I stablish my Read Holding U16 (3) type of channel, but when I try to write in it from DAQConnect, the Command / Alert window displays: I have this type of Channel: I am sending a "1" to the register to enable a LED. I have the sequence OnDCSet with this: if (key == "edoSalidasR") edoSalidasR = strtodouble(val) endif And the control in DAQConnect like this: system.sendCommand("test608.edoSalidasR",1) What can I do? Help! Thanks!
  2. dvalerio

    Set and Read Register

    Hi..! I am working with DAQFactory, and I want to know if it's possible to make a channel with ModbusRS485 Device Type to be an Read/Set Register at the same time. In the control I have, I can do it local, with a COM Tester, but with DAQFactoty I have reading channel or writing channel, but not both. Is there any way to establish a Channel to be readable and writable? Help..! Thanks.!
  3. Thank you... I was able to establish communication thanks to your comments. I hope I don't have problems anymore. Thanks..!!
  4. Sorry bothering you again, but errors are poping up again. I don't know why they weren't appering before. In the sequence, i have this: if (key == "Testing") Testing = strtodouble(val) endif But this error appears: Please, I followed your instructions carefully, but I still can't make it work. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for the answer. I removed the mark of "Auto-Start" and set the code as you told me: if (key == "Testing") Testing = strtodouble(val) endif The sequence compiles right and errors does not pop up anymore. I just can't establish connection between DAQConnect and DAQFactory. I put a LED to turn on each time the sequence assigned the value of Testing to 1. When I click in "Begin Sequence" in DAQConnect, the led ligths up, but when I click a text-button in DAQConnect, it doesn't do anything. My text button has this configuration: I think I'm doing something wrong sending the value from DAQConnect to DAQFactory. I verified the connection between this two, and it is Ok, i am monitoring an input value and have no problem. Please, help me. Thanks.
  6. By the way, I tried to make the sequence respond making the initialization of the variables. When I initialized the variables "key" and "val", the sequence compile and response every time I click "Begin sequence", but I don't know why I have to Initialize the variables: private string key; private string val; key="Testing" val="1" if (key == "Testing") Testing = strtodouble(val) endif In that way, the sequence response correctly, but I think something is wrong setting the remote control with DAQConnect. Help! Thanks!
  7. Thanks for your response. I changed the set() call as you said, and put: set("PruebaTCP01.Testing",1); In DAQFactory I still have problems tying to Star Sequence. My Sequence is called "OnDCSet", and it has this parameters: And the conde inside the Sequence is: if (key == "Testing") Testing = strtodouble(val) endif When I Clik in "Begin Sequence", this error show up: I hope you can help me fixing my problems. Thanks!
  8. Hi! I want to be able to push a on/off button in Daqconnect and pass the value on to DaqFactory. Can you tell me how I set up a channel in DacFactory to receive data from Daqconnect. I've already put an imagen that works like a button in DAQConnect, in the Click section of that image, I entered this comand: set("PruebaTCP01.Testing()",1); My Data Source is called "PruebaTCP01" and my Tag is called "Testing". In DAQFactory, I have a Channel Called "Testing" according to the Tag in DAQConnect, with the next configuration: I tried to establish the sequence (OnDCSet), as you say in your AzeoTech DAQFactory Users Guide, Section 12.2 (in Control from DAQConnect), I wrote this: if (key == "testing") testing = strtodouble(val) endif But in the command/alert windows appears: So, I added private string key; trying to fix the problem, but I got this new error: I don't know what I am doing wrong, so I hope you can help me establish remote control from DAQConnect to DAQFactory. Thanks.