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    pO2 and PID

    Hello, Currently I control a bacterial culture process with DF a LabJack and a Me-UBre relay box. One phase of this process is called the "anaerobic phase". The pO2 (dissolved oxygen) should be kept at 0 for 2.5 hours. To maintain this value at 0 I open a 12V solenoid valve with a relay at t0 with a fixed nitrogen flow and I close this valve after 2.5 hours. The gas flow cannot be regulated automatically and the valve is either fully open or fully closed. In order to save nitrogen, I would like the valve to close when the pO2 is at 0 and that it opens if the pO2 goes back to 0.3 and then closes again when the measurement is at 0. I would like to use a PID for that. I know that PID is more for fine regulation, but is it possible to use it in this case? If it is possible I cannot find the settings which allow me this regulation. I have configured a PID, it works very well to lower the pO2 to 0. Once at 0 the valve closes well, but if the pO2 goes up the nitrogen valve does not open. The pO2 should not exceed 0.3. Can you help me?
  2. Hi! I have a continuous process. To stop it for maintenance I use a button to activate a sequence which stops all running sequences and set to 0 all counters "general_stop.seq". For some safety reason i'm searching to install a Yes/No validation to this action. 1: STOP button is pressed 2: A popup appear " The process will be definitively stopped. Do you want to continue?" 3: Two button "Yes" "No" 4: If you press "Yes" the button call the "general stop" sequence. If you press "No" the popup disappear and the running sequence continue. Any idea to do this? Thanks Stef
  3. smarquis


    Hi. I used an editing password to protect my document.All worked well until this morning. I had to reboot my computer after windows update. When I ran my application, all modification where locked. How can I unlock my document. When I try to enter my password in the box "old password" the system answer that my password doesn't match with the old passord. I'm sure of the password string. What's wrong? Thank you for your help. Stef
  4. smarquis

    labjack com error

    I use a U12 LJ . DaqFactory is running under W10 Home version.
  5. My process give me an error. D0004_1009 GENERAL ERROR. WRITE ERROR When I click on the OK box, a second box appear and say that the labjack is lost. I can't generate manually this error. It appens randomly. My process is very simple. my computer is connected by a good quality USB cable to the labJack. The Lajyck is used for data logging (pH and pO2 value) and connected to a ME-UBRE Relais box. The relay box activate some pump and electrovalves. Any ideas about fixing this problem? have a nice day Stef
  6. smarquis

    stop all sequences

  7. smarquis

    stop all sequences

    Hi I just tested it now. Not only the sequences don't stop, but daqfactory gets in error and doesn't answer anymore. I'm forced to leave with the task manager. I saw this command in the documentation and I had already tried it, with the same result. What's wrong? Stef
  8. Hi all Until yesterday, my daqFactory application worked with a USB dongle. my IT manager gave me a registration key for DaqFactory Pro and I successfully registered my version. I have a problem however. When I launch Daqfactory the program informs me that there is probably another Daqfactory application that is running, and it recommends that I use the task manager to close the process that is running. The problem is that nothing is working when I closed DaqFactory, and I can't find any process belonging to DaqFactory in the working services. DaqFactory works under windows 10 Home it is connected to a labJack U12 USB and to a Me-UBre relay box. Can you help me make this window disappear which a priori is not problematic but which is boring. Thank you
  9. smarquis

    stop all sequences

    Hi! On my application I have sequence called simply "allstop-seq". This sequence stop all peripheric devices (pump, valves etc), set to "0" all channels and stop all running sequences. It's possible in one command line (the last one of course) to stop all sequences or do I have to write one "endseq" line for each sequence? Thank you Stef
  10. Hi. For a user interface I need to change the color of a component according its state. For example a stirrer for a reactor. I created a channel called "stirrer", When the stirrer is running (stirrer=1) the display must show a green stirrer and when the stirrer is switched off (stirrer=0) the stirrer on the display must show a red stirrer. Second question: It's possible to click on the stirrer to change manualy its state. My stirrer is running (green), if I click on the stirrer the channel is ste to 0 and the component become red.