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    Unknown Error In Draw

    Hi Azeotech, Was there an answer to this problem? I'm getting just the same problem with a very simple version of the above? Many thanks Oli
  2. Dear Azeotech, I'm trying to read an SPI rotary encoder (in fact I'm stuck trying to get the example at bottom of this page to work https://labjack.com/support/datasheets/t-series/digital-io/spi) using a Labjack T7 but apparently DAQfactory doesn't support eReadNameByteArray. How can I do this? Many thanks, Oli
  3. Hi, your help manual says 'Due to limitations with Windows, a timing interval of less than 10 ms is not suggested, no matter how fast your computer. If you need faster acquisition, we suggest you use hardware paced acquisition, usually done using device functions or channel commands.The availability of hardware paced acquisition depends on your hardware. The other alternative is to use a computer with two processors, or a dualcore processor which are getting rather common. With this setup you can have fast acquisition run on one processor, while the other processor handles the rest of Window's tasks. This is a bit more tricky. If you elect to go this route, feel free to contact us for assistance.' We are considering getting a Labjack T7 for streaming capability. However, whether we do this or not, it would still be useful to know how to seperate all the functions of the OS (windows probably) onto one core of the PC, leaving the others free to handle all data acquisition please Many thanks, Oli