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  1. 466/5000 hi, I have problems with a SCADA that has been developing, in a certain screen the "Page Draw" gets too high reaching figures of up to 15000ms making it impossible to use the SCADA on that screen, this only happens on a single screen, in the rest I have latencies between 50-100ms. I've been looking at your documentation but I can not find a reference to the reasons that can raise that latency (Page Draw). I hope your help, thank you and happy day.
  2. Luisscozzese

    Read/Write OPC I/O Type

    Thank you for your response, I had already found that I could do it that way. Happy day.
  3. Greetings, I'm doing a project based on OPC server. I´ve created the channels for obtaining variables by opc server but when I select the type of i / o, I can only choose between reading or writing. Is it not possible to select a type of I / O read / write at the same time? I need the same tag to be able to read and write on the same variable of the opc server. I´ll wait for your answer, thank you and happy day.