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  1. Thanks, that was easy! Can you tell me where that's spelled out in the help files or online? I feel like I'm overlooking something somewhere.
  2. I am missing a key step in setting DAC outputs using two LJTick-DACs on a T7 Labjack. I have a sequence that executes the following code (copied from err = LJM_eWriteName(handle, "TDAC0", 1.0) err = LJM_eWriteName(handle, "TDAC1", 2.0) err = LJM_eWriteName(handle, "TDAC2", 3.0) which is intended to set DACA to 1 volt and DACB to 2 volts for a LJTick-DAC connected to the FIO0/FIO1 terminal block of a T7 Labjack, and set DACA to 3 volts for a second LJTick-DAC connected to the FIO2/FIO3 terminal block on the same T7. What am I missing? Thanks in advance - much obliged
  3. Thanks for the info. Would you please tell me how to assign device #s in Kipling? I've not been able to find that feature. Thanks -
  4. I'm assuming I need to assign device numbers to multiple T4/T7 Labjacks connecting over USB. I'd like to connect at least one of each kind, but haven't discovered how to assign device numbers using either Kipling or DaqFactory yet. Thanks very much -