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    Timer Control

    Thank you for the code! I will try this code and play around with it to match my application. I'll let you know how it turns out in the next few days.
  2. Jeyjey

    Timer Control

    So I have 3 digital outputs set on DF linked to Labjack (Pump, Solenoid 1 and Solenoid 2) Initially the pump is activated with a button on the DF page. If solenoid 1 and 2 are not active for a minute (just an example), I want to be able to turn off the pump with a timer (1 minute). If either of the solenoids turn on while the pump is off, I would like the pump to turn on again. Do you have a solution to this scenario? Any assistance is appreciated. See below the section of my rough script: if ((Up[0] == 0) && (Down[0] == 0)) //if solenoid is OFF for more than a minute, turn off pump starttime = systime() tim = systime() - starttime if (tim >= 60) //1800 seconds = 30mins * 60sec //60 seconds = 1min x 60sec APump = 0 //turn OFF pump command endif else tim = 0 starttime = 0 APump = 1 endif endif
  3. Thank you so much! That makes a lot of sense. The issue is resolved now after I renamed those variables.
  4. Hello, I'm trying to control my DO channels I have set up while I have a script running, but for some reason my digital out is not changing state on my Labjack U6 (measured with multi meter). However, I noticed that the DO state changes on the Labjack when I start DF software without the script running (controlled through the "command/alert" window). It almost looks like it loses connection with the Labjack when I begin the sequence every time. Note: I am able to visually see the state change on the page I have set up. The issue is only on the labjack side of things. Wondering if I am doing something wrong in my scripting. Attached is the file I am working on. Would you be able to give me some clarity on this issue I a having? Universal Tester.ctl
  5. Jeyjey

    Graphing Live Fieldlogger Data

    Thanks Guru, I will do some reading into the web service and hardware you mentioned.
  6. Jeyjey

    Graphing Live Fieldlogger Data

    Hello, So I have an application where there are 8 x fieldloggers where each unit is logging 12 x thermocouple data. Ultimate goal is to be able to log live data coming through the fieldlogger. Logging will be in 30 second intervals for for 7 days periods (in rare cases up to 120 days). Some important points are that the system plots to the system time so I can go back and view data at specific date and time in the graph. In addition, to view the graphing data on the web so anyone can view live readings from anywhere. Can this be done through DAQFactory? If so please point me in the right direction to begin. I would Like to work with the express version until it is confirmed that this can be done.
  7. I already had a expression in my conversions, hence I hesitated to add what you have shown me. The expression is "(Value*50)-LoadCellTare" However, I will try to implement what you have provided now. Thank you so much for your assistance Guru!
  8. Hi Guru, So I tried that and it worked but that equation didn't really help much in terms of filtering. I was trying a few other things and came up with some questions. I have a channel called "Force". I was trying to add a deadband to that channel with some sequencing so that I can just display and log "0" when there is no load. I did something like this: While(1) if (Force[0] < -0.5) Force [0] = Force[0] * -1 elseif (Force[0] > 0.5) Force[0] = Force[0] *1 else Force[0] = 0 endif endwhile But I noticed that this part of the code was not being executed. Why might that be? Please note that I also tried to initialising "Force[0]" as a global variable. The reason I want to do this in my sequencing is because I also want to log and graph the results. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks You!
  9. Oversampling is not able to provide the filtering I need as I can still see some noise. Also I will be changing the sample time anywhere from 0.1-10 seconds which can make things even more complicated to try this method. I have included the function in my scripting and also tried in my conversion. But I believe the problem is that this equation requires the output (filtered analog) to be part of the input. Hence that is why I have the same variable on both sides of the equation. This is an IIR filtering equation that is very commonly used in other coding platforms. I don't see any other way to solve my problem via DAQFactory. I think it might be the hardware I am using that is causing the issue. To be specific, my Signal Conditioner.
  10. Hey! So I'm using DF Express to measure some Load Cell Data. Through a LabJack U6-Pro. I'm using a 0-500kg load cell and trying to get a resolution of almost 1-5 grams. However, I noticed there is a little bit of noise which I believe could be filtered with an equation like this: Filtered Analog = (filter_coefficient x Analog Input) + ((1 - filter_coefficient) x filtered analog) How could I implement this in DAQFactory or would you suggest a different method? Also to keep in mind that I am plotting these values in a graph, logging them, and also grabbing the data every 0.1 seconds. Hence I cannot simply use the averaging function from DAQFactory.