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    ModbusTCP error. Two software devices

    Thank you. I have turned off and disconnected one PC. The alarms are working every time to the PC that is still connected. How simple is it to set up the master/slave configuration?
  2. Systech

    ModbusTCP error. Two software devices

    The majority of devices are Moxa E2242 and E2210s.
  3. Systech

    ModbusTCP error. Two software devices

    Two PC'S. Both running the same version of software. The PCs are not the same specification of Windows. Is there a way to make one work as master and the other as a repeater maybe?
  4. Systech

    ModbusTCP error. Two software devices

    Thank You for your response. The alerting on each software is unpredictable. It may work one minute then not work the next minute. The IP address of each PC is set to DHCP so its unlikely there is a conflict. When changing the timings to 0 I have found that the errors stop happening on the software I am working on. The command alert screen is clear. The errors then begin on the other PC. I haven't been able to resolve the problem yet. I have disconnected the second PC. When the alarms are being tested now they are being received regularly on the PC that is still connected. No alerts are being missed currently but ideally I would like to reconnect the second PC and make them both work.
  5. You will have to excuse me for speaking in layman terms. I have inherited a SCADA system that was installed pre 2008. The system consists of 15+ moxa units spread across multiple locations. We have two Pc’s running the DaqFactory software. Recently we have enabled some new alarm inputs and updated the graphics. Now we have a problem with the SCADA system notifying us of alarms. When the new alarm inputs were tested on completion of the update, both software’s (device 1 and device 2) alerted of the alarms and the pop up notifications that were set up worked every time. However, after a month of working correctly the alarms have begun failing to activate on both devices every time device. Sometimes the alarm will alert on device 1, Sometimes the alarms will alert on device 2 And sometimes the alarms will alert on both. The errors being displayed in the Command alert are PmodusTCP 0010 timeout and C1038 timing lag acquisition stalled. These errors are different on each device and clear when the software is closed then reopened. I have tried changing the offset timings on the new alarm inputs but this has not been successful in rectifying the issue. Can anyone assist with this issue? I have added a few photos. Feel free to request any further information and I will endeavour to provide it. Thanks in advance.