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    Graph freezing computer

    Hi, I have an old system where we have graphs on popup pages. We have had to upgrade the P.C to windows 10 and now the popup pages keep freezing the p.c. As the system is very old I do not really want to spend too much time on fixing it. Is there something I can do such as fixing the data ie Freeze etc? Regards Paul.
  2. Hi, I am using a lantronixs Ethernet to serial converter that has a modbus protocol converter in it. we have used it on numerous jobs now with no problems. However i have one project where eventually the comms hangs up and will not recover. i just get port locked on everything. as soon as i restart Daqfactory it all starts working fine again. any ideas of either curing it or a means of resetting the port. Regards Paul.
  3. Hi Guys, what would be the easiest way of transmitting data from site back to the office. the data has to come this way as the units on site are behind firewalls. i am looking to send about 12 words of data and then log this back at the office. Paul.
  4. paulneal

    TWITTER Feed anyone?

    This would be an excellent addition, I am keen.
  5. Is it possible to change a logged value within a channel's history? i.e if temp[12] = 234 is it possible to change that to 324? cheers Paul
  6. paulneal

    help screen

    It appears to work in Windows 7, But not in when i transfer it over to XP. I have coppied all of the files to the directory. I also have an issue with modbus slave. Is there any issues with it on windows 7. I have a modbus master remotely which comes into us through our router. I have run a modbus slave simulator which works fine but i do not receive anything on the comms monitor. This software has been working fine for a few weeks until my pc packed in, my new one is on 7. I have turned all of the firewalss of etc. i know it is not a lot to go on but i just wondered if there is anything in 7. Paul.
  7. Hi, when i use the"c:\help.htm") This works fine on my computer although it does hang daqfactory if it cannot find the file. so i put a file exist check before. However it does not appear to work on the target machine. the files are there etc, is there anything in windows that i need to turn on. Paul.
  8. Hi, Is it possible to graph using persist data? Paul.
  9. Hi Guys, I have used these units in the past and they work extremely well on Modbus. Cheers Paul.
  10. paulneal

    graph autosacling

    i have written some script that autoselects traces based on a bit array. However i am trying to autscale with some problems. The "trace1[a]" parameter does not work in the max function. If i just type in ambient then everything is fine. I am assuming i have to remove the "" marks but am not sure. Cheers in advance Paul. global trace_sel global graph_max global graph_min private string trace1 private string trace2 private A global string B trace1[1] = "AMBIENT" trace1[2] = "SHOPFLOOR" trace1[3] = "DX_1" trace1[4] = "DX_2" trace1[5] = "WAT_IN" trace1[6] = "WAT_OUT" trace1[7] = "STORES" trace1[8] = "PROBE_6" trace2[1] = "AMBIENT" trace2[2] = "SHOPFLOOR" trace2[3] = "DIXELL 1" trace2[4] = "DIXELL 2" trace2[5] = "WAT_IN" trace2[6] = "WAT_OUT" trace2[7] = "STORES" trace2[8] = "PROBE_6" if (trace_sel[0]>0) A = trace_sel[0] Component.pplots1.DeleteTrace("LINE_1") Component.pplots1.AddTrace("LINE_1") Component.pplots1.LINE_1.color=1058796 Component.pplots1.LINE_1.strYExpression=TRACE1[a] Component.pplots1.LINE_1.strLabel=trace2[a] Component.pplots1.LINE_1.LineType = 5 B=trace1[a] graph_max=max(b[0,50]) else Component.pplots1.DeleteTrace("LINE_1") endif if (trace_sel[1]>0) A = trace_sel[1] Component.pplots1.DeleteTrace("LINE_2") Component.pplots1.AddTrace("LINE_2") Component.pplots1.LINE_2.color=16588818 Component.pplots1.LINE_2.strYExpression=TRACE1[a] Component.pplots1.LINE_2.strLabel=trace2[a] Component.pplots1.LINE_2.LineType = 5 else Component.pplots1.DeleteTrace("LINE_2") endif
  11. I am talking to devices on modbus. I have a couple of questions. Firstly is it possible to have a page with about 30 modbus addresses that only get read when a button is pushed. Then the user changes the values and pushes another button to write all of the changes back to the controller. Also i would like to have a unit selection box so that the same screen would acess all of the controllers by altering the modbus id. Cheers Paul.
  12. paulneal

    Email Server Error

    I am having the same fault, what was the outcome. mine is not trying to quick as i am just doing it on a button. Paul.