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    measuring rpm

    Hello, I want to measure the rpm of a stirring device for one of my machines. I am trying to use a timer to do this. I have attached the transducer to port EI00 which is channel 8, and therefore my timer offset is 8. I have the following sequence. using("device.labjack.") include("C:\program files\labjack\drivers\labjackud.h") while (1) 1) AddRequest(0, LJ_ioPUT_CONFIG, LJ_chTIMER_COUNTER_PIN_OFFSET, 8, 0, 0) 2) AddRequest(0, LJ_ioPUT_TIMER_MODE,0, LJ_tmRISINGEDGES32, 0, 0) 3) AddRequest(0, LJ_ioPUT_CONFIG, LJ_chTIMER_CLOCK_BASE, LJ_tc48MHZ_DIV, 0, 0) 4) AddRequest(0, LJ_ioPUT_CONFIG, LJ_chTIMER_CLOCK_DIVISOR, 48, 0, 0) 5) AddRequest(0, LJ_ioPUT_CONFIG, LJ_chNUMBER_TIMERS_ENABLED, 1, 0, 0) GoOne(0) endwhile I have some basic questions first: on line 2 : after MODE, it wants me to specify Timer #...is that a zero if I have only one enabled? ALso, what is the difference between using RISINGEDGES or FALLINGEDGES? DO I have to use both? on line 5 : is the 1 correct after enabled? Next I made a channel called timer to read my data. For I/O type i said timer and for channel number it won't let me put 8, so I put 0. Is this correct? I then made a variable value component to read timer[0] and I don't get any data coming out. Thanks for all your help.
  2. buttons

    Edit boxes in HMI software

    When I used my edit box, I checked set with button press. Obviously this doesn't give me much feedback like you said. Do you all have ways to maybe change the color of the button when it has been clicked so that we can know that we changed the current value???
  3. buttons

    Edit Boxes

    I know it may be bad to use an edit box, but I just want to try it. How do I configure the edit box? I have global setpoint What do I put in the Set Channel box, if anything. I am a little confused with the properties box.
  4. Hello, I am wondering if you can create a component or a sort of edit box to change parameters in a sequence. For example, in my control sequence if I want to record after temperature goes above 100, and then later would like to change the parameter on the main screen. If my sequence is output=1 while (systime() < starttime + 86400) if (temp[0] > 100) beginlog.mylog ( I know this line is wrong, I am a beginner) endif endwhile Is there a link I can put to the line that specifies 100, so that when I change the number on a button on the main page it will change it in the sequence?