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  1. Hi, The slider 'ticklabelcolor' property has no effect by either by altering through symbol properties tool window or programmatically.... Any news on a fix? Simon
  2. simonpauldell

    Moving and grouped components

    Hi, Thanks for that advice and in fact I'd bitten the bullet and move all three objects together. The app I've created is very limited and for my use only but thanks for pointing out the EULA restrictions. Cheers! Simon
  3. Hi, I've written an application which attempts to build a page of user components to based upon a selection of channels by the user. A component group is comprised of a circular gauge, text box and variable value and each group has an enumerated name. To begin with the 15 components are moved out of the window view by '.MoveTo(1400,0)', then each according to the users pre-selected list of channels, each component in turn is positioned using '.MoveTo(x,y)' where x and y are incremented according by the width and height of the component in a left to right, top to bottom fashion. Well that's the plan however something odd is occurring... when the page has been built the groups appear to be inter-spaced by blank areas equal to whole multiples of the groups. However in 'Edit' mode it seems that whilst the groups frame is in correct position the contents of that frame are indeed offset from the group - how odd? After a little probing about I discovered that by selecting any one of a group's components from within any group's sub tree in the workspace view and then, by highlighting any group again, all frames promptly align themselves with their displaced components (all of which are positioned together properly as intended but offset as mentioned). If the page is then redrawn following the above action when the frames become aligned to their contents (not an entirely expected occurrence) then everything pops into position as intended in the first place. No matter how this strange this to me it gives me confidence that my code is in principle correct, I'm guessing this behaviour is a facet of threading ...... Incidentally this behaviour only seems to apply as far as I can tell to groups and I can perform the a similar page building exercise using variable values for example and this works without a hitch. Any ideas please as this issue is causing me a deployment headache. Best wishes, Simon
  4. It appears that single LButton clicks work fine, doubles don't Cheers, Simon
  5. OK no problem, emailed the app as suggested. Simon
  6. OK, app attached. A popup will appear when gauges are double clicked on Page1_LJ1_L2 and Page2_LJ3_LJ4 in Dev mode but not in RunTime.... I thought it might be related to LButton and its association with an object's properties in Dev mode. Thanks in advance for the help. Simon
  7. I believe the same problem is happening with my application as shimh describes above. My application has some screen components which are a group of three other types, labelled with a group name. In the OnLButtonDblClk event for each grouped component there is a call to a sequence being used as a function - the name of the component and its page are passed to this function by this call. Within this function certain actions are performed and finally a modal popup is invoked, this all works fine in development mode but in RunTime it doesn't I have a similar style of event associated with an Action in a button component which works fine, however the function is called from a quick sequence..... Any ideas or pointers? Cheers PS: can post my app if you like
  8. simonpauldell

    Combo Box Default Selection

    Oops, let my reply slip! Problem was caused by severe brain fade, many thanks though
  9. Adding to John's question above, it seems that slider 'ticklabelcolor' property has no effect by either by altering through symbol properties tool window or programmatically....
  10. simonpauldell

    T7 & Df Variable, External Stream Clock

    To AzeoTech Guru - I wasn't very precise with my wording: The clock is external and of a varying frequency proportional to the rotational speed of an engine. I wish this clock to keep the analogue sampling in angular synchronisation with the rotation of the engine, and as the engine speed varies so must the sampling rate. To Mr LabJack - I looked at this and thought it makes sense but will those function calls on that page work with DF as the syntax is identical to the DF functions, so will DF try to resolve the references as per its prototype for the function? Cheers, Simon
  11. Hi, I'm using the LJM_eStreamStart function in DF5.91 and am wanting to clock in a stream of values at a varying rate, however this function requires explicit values? Should this configuration be done using the low level Stream functions? Thanks, Simon
  12. simonpauldell

    Axis naming inconsistency

    Hey Martin, Did they ever reply to your post, I'm having the same issue with that graph control. Simon
  13. simonpauldell

    Combo Box Default Selection

    Guys, Been trying to use the UpdateEdits() method with my combo without success, I must be doing something wrong. I've assigned a global string variable to the strSetChannel property; Filled the combo with a list of data; Assigned the string variable with a valid name from the combo list; Have a button which fires the UpdateEdits() event in the screen where the combo resides; and the combo doesn't update to the name in the string variable? Checked all my variable names, case and data and all appears normal. Any ideas? Cheers, Simon