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  1. Hi, I am transferring a DF instance to a new PC and have been supplied with a monitor of different resolution to the one that was originally used. DF is configured to autostart with the PC and to open full screen, the issue is that the graphics locate themselves in the wrong place and are partially hidden. If I press F4 twice they locate correctly. Is there a way to get the graphics to locate correctly on autostart? Thanks
  2. ccdubs

    system.sound crashing DAQFactory

    I have taken some event log data, please provide a contact email as I would rather send this to you directly.
  3. ccdubs

    system.sound crashing DAQFactory

    Unfortunately remote connection is not possible. I will have a look at what I can find over the weekend regarding error logs and post them. Would you still recommend that I update to the latest version of DF as best practice? My concern is that as the scripting was done a while ago (approx. 10 years) that there may be something that won't work. Cheers.
  4. ccdubs

    system.sound crashing DAQFactory

    The PC's are running Windows 8.1 Pro. The ding.wav file is used as audio alert when there is an active alarm and is driven by a script that runs every couple of seconds, so I don't think using the shellexecute function is the best option. We have no control over how the PC is connected to a network. I believe it is secure but I know that is has access to the internet so am keen to keep windows up to date. I was thinking about upgrading to the latest version of DF but am concerned about compatibility and whether there will be issues due to the age of the version being upgraded. What do you recommend? Would you expect an upgrade to resolve the System.Sound.Play issue?
  5. Hi, We have an instance of DF that has been running for many years reliably. Our client has gone and installed windows updates and now DF crashes when it tries to implement the following line of script. I have put this in a Try/Catch function and it still crashes every time. We are running on the back-up machine that doesn't have the latest updates installed and that is running fine. "System.Sound.Play("C:\Windows\Media\ding.wav") I can confirm that the wav file is in that directory and I can play it when double clicking from file explorer. DF version Pro Release 5.87b Build: 2048 is running. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Also, what are your recommendations regarding updates. Automatic updates are turned off. Thanks.
  6. Unfortunately I have another problem with the same system where I have received the following error a couple of times now. The DF application closes and all this is all I see (I have a screenshot but don't know how to upload it to the forum). So far it has only appeared on one of my instances so I have swapped the two instances over and will see if it happens on the other machine too. In the mean time, any ideas? Pop up title: Socket Notification Sink: DAQFactory.exe. - Application Error Text: The exception unknown software exception (0x40000015) occured in the application at location 0x75d606f4.
  7. Thanks, this fixed it.
  8. I have suddenly started to get a "failed to start web server" popup alert when I start my DF application. I'm running two instances of DF on the same network and they both share connections to pass a heartbeat value for communications monitoring. This has been working fine for the past couple of days. One instance now gives the alarm and the other doesn't. The alarm is generated even if I start the application with no sequences running but doesn't come up if I open a blank application. Once the popup is acknowledged the application runs fine. I need to stop this from happening as DF needs to run automatically on system restart.
  9. This is a minor issue but has caught me a few times. When you open a sequence to "edit in a separate window" the active field in the window is the thread priority box. So if you use the scroll wheel on the mouse you end up changing the thread priority, the same applies if you enter a number. It would be better if the sequence editing field was active to avoid accidental changes (which caught me out yesterday).
  10. I found an interesting bug. If I use the following code DF hangs: endseq(local.SCADACheck) delay(100) beginseq(local.Kernel) If I remove the delay it works fine. I have repeated this a number of times with consistent results. I don't need the delay (thought it may be good practice) but I'd be interested to know if this is common to others.
  11. Refer to item 7 of this old post:
  12. ccdubs

    Multiple Df Instances

    I have seen the forum posts regarding running multiple instances of DF on one computer and know that it is doable. My question is, what would be the best way for one instance to communicate with the other? I have a project where the client wants to combine two seperate installations into one, both are running almost identical versions of DF that communicate over different radio networks. If I was to try and combine both applications, I would have a serious amount of work and recommissioning to do as I would have to create whole new sets of variable names and update throughout. Running the two applications seperately avoids this, but the client wants a single user interface so my plan was to create this HMI on one of the applications that would then be able to pass control information to the other. The amount of information to be passed will be minimal and I would probably want some form of heartbeat monitoring between the two to make sure that one or the other hasn't been shut down.
  13. I get the following error code when trying to do an FTP upload. An error occurred while attempting to open the remote file, Error:200 Type set to I 200 PORT command successful 425 Unable to build data connection: Permission denied : FTP_Test Line 7 - Uncaught error in sequence FTP_Test My research on the net seems to point to this being due to DF FTP using active or passive mode and the server not being compatible. Can you please confirm what FTP mode DF uses? Is this an issue that has been seen before...any other ideas?
  14. If I have the following code within a priority 5 thread (that is called from another priority 5 thread), what is the sequence of operation. strResult = System.MessageBox(strActivationConfirmation,"YesNo") if ((strResult == "Yes") ....... endif [/CODE] I assume the pop-up opens and the thread pauses and waits for the operator response before the "if" statement is run? If this is the case, do all threads stop?
  15. ccdubs

    Df Monitoring Modbus Coms

    Any chance you could provide me with some direction on how to do this? Perhaps some sample code so that I can understand the process?