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  1. Win 7 PC was running an older version of DF from about 2012 and I installed v16.3 over the top of the older version yesterday. DF starts with a shortcut in "All Programs / Startup" as before, however the start does not happen until I log in to the PC, then it starts up normally. Or perhaps it executes but waits for a user logon. In any case. I don't do anything to initiate the start; on logon I see the startup splash screen and then the program runs normally. There is, of course, a gap in the logged data from the time of the reboot until a logon occurs. ???
  2. I have a similar issue on one, but only one, of running DAQFactory systems. I've verified the setup is the same as our other systems which don't exhibit this issue. Export randomly stops working and only a restart of the program will get it going again. I believe the sequence that triggers it is working as we get a new row in the file at the scheduled time but when the glitch occurs the rows have no data. Fortunately, we also use the log data capability and that's our backup. I prefer Export as Modbus data can be saved directly with the correct decimal value. The Log function has been bulletproof. Attached is a small file showing the missing data and the result of a restart and a snip of the Export Set (the tank level value is a constant and does not originate as a Modbus value). MVR-Export.csv
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    The blog entry looks interesting but the link won't work for me.
  4. I am looking for the easiest way to solve what looks like a really similar communications issue! Customer has a FlexLogix 5434. It is communicating with Software Toolbox OPC Power Server (TOP Server) running on a PC. TOP Server is then communicating with what looks like a protocol proprietary to a data service which forwards information on to that service. TOP Server has the Allen-Bradley Suite loaded on it. We want DAQFactory to be able to read data from the PLC. From looking over this thread it seems like I could leave Top Server running (I can see the tags I want listed) and DF could read the tags from TOP Server. In other words, I'd like to replace the data service with DF running locally. Can you suggest a way DF and TOP Server could communicate? Buy an add-on for TOP Server? If so, which one. Thanks,