Saving data to file and reading from it


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You can save to a single Text file easily using either Logging sets or Export sets. Use a logging set when you want to log data as it is being acquired, and an export set when you want to save data after acquiring it, or one line at a time based on an event.

To load data back in is a bit more complicated. For this you have to write some sequence scripting using the low level file I/O functions. Please look at the section on data logging in the help file for more information, and post again if you need clarification.

Because importing is not as easy as logging the data, with the DAQFactory 5.30 beta 5 release, there is something called Persistance on each channel. This allows you to basically extend the normal channel history onto the disk allowing you very easy access to large quantities of historical data (limited only be your harddrive space). You access the data by simple subsetting. The beta is available from our site at The beta is not available for DF-Express, but Express will be updated to 5.30 when it is released and upgrades are free and available from

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