Enabling Special 0V-3.3V for Analog Input

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Hi There!

I am currently working on a project which deals with Light Sensors.

I have used the DAQ Express to familarize myself with getting the respective data.

The Light sensor incorporates an output value of 0 (dark) to 5.0 Volts (bright).

With the configuration (as mentioned in the User Manual, DAC1 is disabled), the maximum read out from the table of values using DAQ Express is 2.459872005507, which is the correct value due to the single-ended maximum V of 2.44.

I am going to create a voltage divider circuitry (adding resistors to re-read the sensor output to match what is read by the U3).

However, I was wondering if I could avoid that if anyway possible?

Is there a way to implement so the DAQ Express can read the exact values given out by the sensor?

If that is not possible, atleast, how do I enable the "special 0-3.3V" via DAC1 enabled? I am not sure how to do that, since I am an new-bie to this.

Atleast, this way I can read 0-3.3 volts of data, and the reminder difference I can make up with a voltage divider circuitry.

Thanks! for your help.

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