Labjack Tick DAC's in DAQ Factory

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I have 6 mass flow controllers that are controlled by a variable 0-5V input. I'd like to control them using my U3-LV and 3 Labjack Tick DAC's analog outputs. I've gotten two mass flow controllers to work in DAQ Factory by using the U3's built in DAC0 and DAC1 channels, but I don't know how to configure the LJT-DAC's to perform like that block (VS/GND/DAC0/DAC1) does.

I've already asked for help on the Labjack forum, but I had a hard time understanding the codes needed to configure the Tick DAC's. Here is the Labjack forum thread.

When I run the sequence the Labjack guys gave me (called "UpdateLJTDACB4"):



I get the error:

"C1000 Channel or function not found: UpdateLJTDACB4 Line 2 - Uncaught error in sequence UpdateLJTDACB4".

What is wrong with this code?

What should my sequence look like if I want to configure one Tick DAC to be plugged into the FIO5/FIO4/GND/VS block? What would my channel for those controls look like in DAQ Factory (Dig Out? Channel number?)?

I've attached my ctl file. The channel I'd like to use the Tick DAC on is called FIO4. The 2 working channels (from DAC0 and DAC1) are called MFC0 and MFC1, respectively.

Thanks a lot in advance,



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Will try to run your CTL in a little bit, but first see Sections 7.1 and 7.2 of the DF-LJ app guide about the "using" and "include" statements. You can also see this in all the examples in the \LJGuideSamples directory.

Another thing is that you use a variable "OutputVoltage" that you have not declared. See Section 6.2.2 of the DF-LJ app guide.

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