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I came across some peculiar behavior while populating a table component.

1) Pasting the expression into the Expression field, cannot be done unless there is something already in the field to select and replace!

2) An Edit of an expression in the Expanded Edit Box after a simpler expression has been pasted in as above seems to be 'forgotten'. To explain, I pasted in the expression Gamma[start,End] which was a subset of the contents of a channel. I then expanded the edit box (the values are then shown in the 'Result' panel) and edited the expression to be Gamma[start,End] - Avg(Gamma[start,End]) which showed in the 'Result' panel the individual differences between the average of all and each element. Clicking on the OK button to close the expanded edit box left me without the edited addition. Doing the edit directly without the expanded edit box works as expected.

Strange Eh?

Is there any sign on the horizon for the update due to revamp the graphics (V6.0) It was delayed from last summer due to the development of DAQConnect (And I fully understand paying jobs come first!) It would be nice if I could ditch my rather cumbersome workarounds to get multi-coloured graphs.



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