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I am using U3 LV for my Two Temperature measurement, Two Pressure measurement and One MFC controlling. I am using KTA-260 with LJ U3-LV for measurement. I got its working. Now I want to add One MFC from Bronkhorst which has 24VDC input from seperate Power supply. I got 0-5VDC input and output for display and controll. How should i start with this. I am new to this field. I want to use this for one lab rig.


Test 06.ctl

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HRSM 01 15072015.ctl


Hello Guys.

Now I got everything working with Labjack U3LV. I used two LJTick-Div and One LJTick-InAmp. I am measuring One Thermocouple(can be two), One MFC control+display and Two Pressure measurements.

All Good. But still want to log the data in actual reading form. See the Sample program. 

Thank you very much for help..

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