Grouping Components Can Change Z-Order

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I started using "Group Components (Ctrl+G)" today.  I noticed that the z-order can reverse if I select components using Ctrl + Shift + Click.  This does not happen using the lasso.  It also seems to occur with like kind components (i.e. panels vs panels, text vs variable value) but not always among different types (i.e. panels vs text).


Steps to reproduce:

(1) Create a 1st panel component.

(2) Create a 2nd panel component.

(3) Select and move the 2nd panel to overlap the 1st panel.

(4) With the 2nd panel selected, use Ctrl+Shift+Click to also select the 1st panel.

(5) Right-click (menu) Group Components.

RESULT: Panels reverse z-order.


I discovered this while attempting to group a panel I created to cover the date output of a graph control.  This occurred in version 5.87c and 5.91/2203.  It's only a small issue, but would be a nice repair in a future release.  Thanks.



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