Button for beginseq() and endseq()


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Have a button setup with a quick sequence, want to use the button to toggle a couple of relays every time I hit the button.

quick sequence below

if (sequence.start_stop.running)


   strCaption = "SOLENOID2"

    solenoid1 = 0

    solenoid2 = 1



   strCaption = "SOLENOID1"

   solenoid1 = 1

   soleniod2 = 0


The start_stop sequence is just a dummy sequence with a while loop


    x = 1

    y = 1



The beginseq() and the endseq() don't seem to be working and the strCaption doesn't seem to be changing either so what am I doing wrong?

Trying to run this on a Labjack U12

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