Pulseout with DAQ Factory?

Guest Mr_Fox

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Guest Mr_Fox

I have the U12 and want to control a servo (just to test, i believe for the final thing its best to use an external PWM + Labjack Analog out).

So i need a PWM with 50 Hz and 5-10% duty cycle (1-2 ms)

I read about the Pulse out function, but i cant find this anywhere in DAQFactory.

Is it not (yet) possible with DAQFactory?


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Guest Guest_AzeoTech

Yes, you should be able to do pulse out with a device function. In a sequence enter a function like this:

Device.LabJack_U12.PulseOut(ID, bits, # pulses, frequency, startlow)

ID: device id of desired labjack or 0 for first found

bits: this is the exact number passed to PulseOut function of the regular labjack pulseout funciton

frequency: this number is used to calc the timer constants passed to the regular labjack function

startlow: if 1, then the pulse train starts low

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