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  1. Is it possible to pass a variable to a sequence in Daqfactory when using the beginseq() command? I know it can be done by declaring the sequence as a function and then calling the function but then the function will run in the thread of the calling sequence. I want to pass a variable to a sequence by using beginseq(). Alternately, is there any way to run a function in it's own thread? Thanks
  2. The field labeled RMS is from the original Daqfactory example. That field calculates RMS value by first determining the peak. That would only work for a true sine wave. I added the 'TrueRMS' field (and some other things). The 'TrueRMS' field should show the true RMS value for any wave shape. Accuracy depends on the field labeled 'capture length'.
  3. OK So I think I have it all figured out. I attached a .ctl file showing how I did it. The file uses an original daqfactory example as a starting point. Does all seem well? Thanks.
  4. Somehow, I can't find an 'rms' function in Daqfactory. Is there truly no way to calculate the actual rms value of an array? The array may not be a sine wave so I cannot simply divide by the square root of 2. How would one go about obtaining the actual rms value of an array?
  5. Ok great! So now we can have different windows displayed on different monitors. Can Daqfactory also receive input from 2 different physical keyboards? Can we choose which keyboard to accept input from? For example, Can I assign one popup window to accept input from keyboard A and assign a different screen to accept input from keyboard B?
  6. Is there a way to display one instance of Daqfactory on multiple monitors? Currently, when I try to drag the window to enlarge it to show on both monitors, it will only enlarge until the size of one screen. Even better, different screens within Daqfactory should be able to be displayed on different monitors. Can any of these be done or I would have to open two separate instances of Daqfactory, one for each monitor? Can two instances of Daqfactory access the same Labjack simultaneously? Thanks
  7. With the current express version, when I double click on a .ctl file, it tries to open Daqfactory in trial mode and it says that the trial period is over. How can I force Daqfactory to open in express mode when I double click a .ctl file. Thanks
  8. HI. Does anyone know how to change the settling factor of the Labjack U6 pro from within Daqfactory? Probably through a 'sequence'. What should be written in the sequence? Thanks