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    I understand that now. However on my main laptop if I don't have the usb key inserted DAQFactory comes up with "You are running a trial version of Daqfactory Pro" with Exit, Online Unlock and Manual Unlock buttons as to be expected - means there is not a license key entered on this computer, conversely if I have the USB Key installed it runs fine as expected. Trying the same on the other laptop where I installed DAQFactory yesterday without the USB key inserted or with it inserted I get the DAQFactory Trial 24 days left and Continue, Online Unlock, and Manual Unlock buttons, hence me thinking I had to put the 15 Letter Key in to unlock it. So it may be a driver problem for the USB Key. When inserting it I get a driver install popup saying it is installing a driver for Cryptokey. Now looking at that in Device Manager it has a yellow warning triangle when the USB Key is inserted and on the Laptop that works I have a driver that is ok and it's called CBUSB 2.0 from MARX CryptoTech LP so this must be the problem but I didn't have to do anything special on the first laptop to get that driver - mind you I probably had DAQFactory installed on that for 4 or 5 years. This must be the problem. Where would I find that correct driver? Sorry about all this, I feel I've wasted your time. I've found and run CBsetup from the DAQFactory folder and it all now works as expected on the second laptop. Great - I'll get the App finished then buy a new PC for running it and at the same time purchase a runtime license for it.
  2. farky


    I see the problem! The USB key has the Pro License on it and I have the 15 letter License key for Pro which is installed on one laptop. It was that same 15 letter key I tried to use again on the second laptop - hence 2 development machines which is what I'm trying to achieve. My thought was that would be ok as only one USB key means only one machine can be running DAQFactory.
  3. farky


    Sorry to be a pain, more below:- "As for your second question, you do not need a Runtime license while you are using the Pro key. The Pro license can be run in Runtime mode so that you can see what your application would look like on a runtime system. So, I would just do that: develop on your laptop using just the Pro key, then when you are ready get a runtime license for the new computer." that was what I was trying to do, using my license key for Pro and registering on line or manually on that second laptop, but it stops me as I have the Pro license key on the first laptop, but I thought that would be ok as I can obviously only run DAQfactory on the laptop that has the USB key inserted? Good tip about the runtime license when I install that.
  4. farky


    Ok, so as I understand it I need a runtime license on any computer with DAQFactory in addition to the hardware key which I swap to whichever computer I'm developing the software on? If I purchase an additional runtime license, which I intend to do, can I install it on a laptop at the moment - for development using my hardware key for Pro, then move the runtime license off the laptop to another PC that will be running the finalized application?
  5. farky


    I'm installing DAQ-Factory on another PC and will be using my hardware key for development, in fact I probably need it on another PC as well so 4 in all as I already have it on a PC that is running an application with a runtime license. Once I've got this current application I'll need a runtime license for the PC it finally ends up on. Can I purchase the runtime direct from yourselves or do I go through my supplier which was Amplicon years ago? I thought that I could install it on as many PCs as I wanted and use the hardware key on whichever one I'm working at to develop a new application. I tried installing it on another laptop today but was told it was already in use "Key already used to unlock package" which is correct. Is there a way my key for DAQFactory Pro can be allowed to be used on other PC's?
  6. Hi, I'm having the same problems as above, I'm using Ver 18.1 Buld 2347. Is there any fix for this yet.
  7. I am trying to setup a first page such that it stays up and program execution stops until a button is pressed on that page. It's a page to check if the logging directories exist, so 2 buttons, one will be to create the directory structure and the other will popup a system message saying "Press ok to quit as no directories are setup". I guess I'm trying to make the page modal but also stopping further execution of the program until the choice of button is made.
  8. Works a treat. Thanks so much for your help with this. It's really pretty fundamental to how DAQ-Factory works and I've never realized before now!
  9. I understand it now - that's great, I've tried it and it works. I don't know why I've not come across this problem before - must just be luck of how I've arranged equations used in the OnEvent of channels. I'm not quite sure how I would use it inside the scaling function which is below as I would then have to return it back to the calling part in the OnEvent part of the channel? //Used from the Event of the Modbus Channels function fWScale(vRaw, cMax) private vWork = 0 //Temporary local variable vWork = (vRaw/c16bit) * cMax //16bit full scale = 65535, cMax depending on Type of Anemometer return(vWork) Thanks for the super quick reply. I'm enjoying getting back into Daq-Factory and will likely need another runtime license once I've got it finished.
  10. Doing a new app in Daq-Factory but used it for years with another application modifying that occasionally so I might be a bit rusty. I have Modbus data acquisition all working ok getting raw values each 0.5 second which adds to the channel table fine, updating the Time column correctly. On that channel I have an event BotWind_ms.AddValue(fWScale(CH4_BotWind[0], cCompactMax )) that adds a scaled value to a different channel, the value gets added correctly but the time doesn't update, all values in the channel have the same time stamp as the first value added. If I add a value manually from the command line such as BotWind_ms.AddValue(54), the timestamp is updated correctly. Doing BotWind_ms.AddValue(fWScale(CH4_BotWind[0], cCompactMax )) from the command line and the time stamp is again the first timestamp on the BotWind_ms channel. Doing just BotWind_ms.AddValue(CH4_BotWind[0]) on the command line adds the raw data but with the timestamp of the CH4_BotWind[0] entry. I must be missing something obvious although I've compared the way I'm doing this with the old application I did and just don't see anything I'm doing wrong but I must be! Can you help?
  11. Thanks for the quick reply. Alt-Space does just what I need to get the menus back so I can switch to Development. I'll probably re-write to use a file for the calibrations etc. but in the meantime I've found a handy utility that lets it run as an administrater although still logged in as an ordinary user. It's called runasspc and encripts the admin password etc. You can find it at http://robotronic.de/runasspc/. Thanks again for your help.
  12. I've taken the plunge and gone for the Pro version after developing an app with Express last year. The deciding factor was the excellent support and before buying I was able to pick up the phone and talk to someone about how the licencing etc worked - thanks for all the info. Anyway on to my question:- I've developed an Application that starts in Full screen from a shortcut (Don't want the users messing with other stuff on the PC) I also have a hidden panel that executes system.showSystemMenu() so I can switch to development mode, but in full screen mode this doesn't work. I don't seem to see a system function that can return from full screen mode inside a sequence so that this can work? Any ideas? Another problem I've found is that if I use registry variables then the app has to be run with Administrator privalages as of course it's writing to the registry - is there any way round this? I'm guessing I would need to write my variables to a file so they persist that way.
  13. farky

    Logging file available read only

    That's great and works a treat - why didn't I think of that work round!! Thanks for the excelent support - I think I'll be buying another Labjack and if I can persuade my clients I'll maybe be able to upgrade from the Express edition.
  14. I'm using DAQFactoryExpress - What a great product (I used to build my own Data Loggers using Forth) but this is great. I have one problem though. I have a logging set and I create a new file each time I start logging (done in a sequence and no problem). But once the file has stopped logging (Done in another sequence and no problem) I would have expected it to be available to other applications with full access because DAQFactory is no longer using it. However I can only open it read only in Excel or any other app unless I first start another logging file or close DAQFactory. It's as if DAQFactory doesn't release the file handle to it? Can you help? Thanks.