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if i export a logging file in .txt or .xls it doesn't show the time i should. now i read if i export my time in excel time i could format the culomn to date/time to show the time. one problem. i don't know how to do that. does anybody have an idea on how i could get the correct time in excel or wordpad.


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nope doesn't work with me anyways. keep getting stuff like

38783.56801 1.708984 2.179921

38783.56803 1.708984 2.288365

38783.56804 1.713867 2.401709

38783.56805 1.708984 2.518124

38783.56806 1.708984 2.627637

38783.56807 1.713867 2.743295

38783.56808 1.708984 2.852709

with the first column being the time

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I'm not sure what you are doing wrong. Do the three columns end up in different columns (different cells) in Excel? If not, then you are importing it wrong (perhaps selecting tab delimited instead of comma).

I attached a sample showing it working. I simply typed in the first two rows of numbers you posted and then clicked on the column header for A (which highlighted the whole column) and selected Format-Cells, then picked Date from category and one of the date types.

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You can't modify it while DAQFactory is using it. So you either need to quit DAQFactory, or set the logging set file to a different file so DAQFactory releases the file. DAQFactory can't let you open it while it is editing for optimization reasons.

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  • 1 year later...

i too undergo the same problem of the data i.e.my time and ecgvalue clubbing together in one coloumn i tried to change th format but it dosnt bring any changes....

is there sumtg i can do from the sequence side or event side..to bring a chnge in the data display???

thnk you

my version is 5.15 Daqfactory

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