DAQF and parallel port

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No, and actually its difficult to do in Windows from any software. The problem is that Windows security doesn't allow user level access to the I/O ports. You can only access through Kernel level drivers. For serial, the kernel level drivers have high level functions, but for the parallel port, its all handled by the spooler and print drivers so is too high of a level for fine control of pins. The only way around is to write a kernel level driver (rather difficult), or use an app that exposes the I/O ports and then turn off the spooler.

That all said, its really a bad idea to use the parallel port for anything unless you are an EE and really know what you are doing. Unlike the digital pins on a LabJack, the parallel port pins are not very well protected, so if you do anything wrong, you will blow your PP in an instant, possibly killing your motherboard as well. The PP is a very tempting, cheap digital I/O channel, but using it is really a very BAD idea. Considering the cost of a U3, which gives you twice as many i/o pins as the PP and no programming hassle, its not worth even trying to use the PP even if you were an EE.

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