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New to labjack and DAQFactory,

I want to log from 3 different channels, and I have the app working. I need to stop logging at a define elapsed time of 15 minutes after manual start (button). How do I write this in the sequence?

Any help is appreciated

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No problem. Assuming your logset is called MyLogSet:




This simply starts the logging when the sequence starts, then the sequences waits 900 seconds (15 minutes), and then it stops the logging set. Then just create a button to start this sequence. Note that stopping this sequence early won't stop the logging set, so if you want to be able to manually stop early, use the Quick Sequence action of the button instead of Start/Stop sequence and put something like this (assuming the above sequence is named MySeq:

if (Sequence.MySeq.Running)






Basically it looks to see if the sequence is running and if it is, it stops both the sequence and the logging set, otherwise it simply starts the sequence.

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