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hello, hope somebody can help me with this thing ...

I have a way sensor and a force sensor. In my graph I need a calibration curve out of these two sensors and also another curve out of these two sensors so thet I can compare these two curves.

Everything is working great in the graph !!

But here is my problem:

I want to fix the calibration curve so that I can always delete the other curve and get another in the graph for comparing with the calibration curve.

But because these two curves have the same origin (because of the two sensors) the calibration curve will also be deleted when I hit my button.

At the moment I have 2 traces in the graph. The first trace consist of the "Force" and "Way" channels, the other traces consists of the "Force_cal" and "Way_cal".

How can I save the calibration curve in my graph so that only the "measuring curve" gets deleted ??

Thank you

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How are you clearing the one trace? Using ClearHistory() I assume. Well if your _cal traces are just variables, they should still remain when you clear the history of the regular channels unless you have some sort of autoscaling. Perhaps you can email back and attach your document so we can tell what you have done.

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Sorry, I don't really understand what the problem is. As for your variable question, you have to declare the variables somewhere. Just do:

global way_cal

global force_cal

As for the graph itself, one idea is that you could offset the cal by a little bit. Alternatively, you could make the cal display on the right axis and in point mode, and the real trace in line mode on the left axis.

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