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i have to logging a few data of a pressure transducer. for the 30 examinees i would like to create 30 .csv files.

now i insert a edit box where i am able to write in a number. this number is sent to


and it works.

but how can i combine this number with a path (like c:\daq_logging_data\...)

without writing "c:\daq...\filenumber.cvs" into the edit box.

i know theres a second method to create a file name.

logging.loggingset.filename = "c:\..."

how can i combine these two methods?

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Use a global string variable that is set by the edit box:

global string filename

Make sure Set on Submit is set in the edit box. Then, create a button that changes the file name and path to the one specified. The button would have two actions, the first does Submit. The second is a quick sequence with:

logging.loggingset.strFileName = "c:\mypath\" + filename

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